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HEETS - Tobacco menthol flavor

Several of our HEETS have menthol

Currently, there are six different HEETS products, wherein three products contain menthol. The HEETS Blue Selection has a distinctive intense menthol flavor, as the tobacco is infused with peppermint as well as subtle hints of vanilla. HEETS Turquoise has a lighter tobacco blend combined with a balanced menthol flavor. HEETS are not covered by the ban on menthol cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco that enters into force on May 20th, 2020.

What is IQOS & HEETS?

During 2019 Philip Morris launched an electronic device in Sweden called IQOS, this is a device that heats smoke-free tobacco. The tobacco used with IQOS is called heatsticks and are sold under our brand HEETS. In contrast to cigarettes, our HEETS are shorter and used in a completely different way. For example, a lit cigarette burns the tobacco creating a combustion that releases nicotine and flavor from the tobacco. Instead of combustion, IQOS uses a heat blade (HeatControl™ Technology) that heats the tobacco in our HEETS. This creates an aerosol instead of smoke, all while delivering a cigarette like experience but without fire, ash or smoke smell – a smoke free alternative to cigarettes.

Where can I learn more about IQOS & HEETS?

IQOS can be bought in our own web shop or in any of our stores or resellers. HEETS can be bought in our web shop , tobacco stores, food stores, and kiosks. Find the closest retailer here .

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