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Try IQOS for 60 days.

Have a go at a future without smell of smoke. Order to your home or visit our stores.

  • Try IQOS at home

    Get the feel of IQOS in your own home and book a video call with instructions on how to get started. You can return anytime during your 60 day-period.
  • Discover IQOS in our stores

    Our experts are ready to teach you about IQOS and the technology behind hit.
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    We’ve got you. See how you return your IQOS right here.
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Accidental damage coverage.

Had an accident? We are here for you! When you need it, we will help replace your device.

  • Replace broken device

    If your IQOS had a tumble or pool-dive, we will replace it with a new one*. Read more about when the accidental damage coverage and contact us to get assistance.
  • Help me!

    Click here to get support from one of our several help channels.
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IQOS issues? Try our online diagnostic tool.

Troubleshoot with our self-diagnostic tool and find a solution for device issues in a few easy steps.

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International assistance.

We offer international assistance, when you register your IQOS. Call us any time, if you need our help.

  • Travelling abroad

    Never worry! We are present, even when you are far away. Call us and we will replace your defective IQOS and answer your questions.
  • 60+ countries

    International assistance is offered in more than 60 countries. Read more to find our shops and services.

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Your VIP-offers.

Get more treats as an extra privilege*. These are our deals:

  • Free Cap

    Go for colorful caps when you buy your first IQOS in-store.
  • Get 20% discount

    Become part of our IQOS-family and claim 20% on your first IQOS.
  • Exclusive deals

    Register your device and sign up to our tribe to get special offers.

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