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Charging and cables
Charging and cables

Charging and cables

In this category you will find charging accessories for IQOS. Regardless of whether you need a new charging cable because your old one is broken or if you want a flexible charging station, you will find everything for charging your IQOS here.

Charging and cables for IQOS.

In order for your IQOS to work well and last longer, we recommend that you use chargers and cables that are intended for charging IQOS. We offer charging adapters, USB cables and charging stations for an efficient and smooth charging.

IQOS USB Cable – A USB-C cable for charging IQOS. Do you need to replace your cable because it is broken or do you want an extra cable? This charging cable fits all our IQOS devices.

IQOS Power AdapterIQOS Power Adapter works together with IQOS USB Cable and is needed when you want to charge your IQOS via a wall outlet.

IQOS Charging StationIQOS Charging Dock for IQOS 3 DUO is a flexible charger that can be placed on several different surfaces, for example on a table or a drawer. With a charging station, the charging of your IQOS is always easily accessible and your device has a dedicated place. The charging station works best with IQOS AC adapter which is sold separately.

IQOS MULTI Charging StationIQOS MULTI Charging Station is a charging station suitable for IQOS 3 MULTI. This charging station can also be placed in several different places and makes charging efficient and smooth so that your IQOS always has a full battery.

Is your IQOS not charging?

If your IQOS is not charging, try replacing the USB cable and power adapter. If this does not work, you can download the IQOS complete user guide to troubleshoot or contact our customer support for assistance.