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Covers and Protection
Covers and Protection

Covers and Protection

Protect and customize your IQOS with covers and cases, which are available in many different colors and materials. Here you will find a large selection of covers and protection for IQOS which will make it easier to get a good grip on your device as well as protecting it from scratches and other damage.

Covers and protection for IQOS

There are many different types of covers and other forms of protection for IQOS are also available. Silicone, leather and fabric are some examples of some materials for the protections. All cases and covers are available in several different colors which makes it easy to find one that matches your personal style.

Silicone case – A silicone case protects your IQOS fully. It is made of a light material and has a structure that allows you to get a better grip on your device. In addition, it protects against scratches and other possible damage. The silicone case has a tight fit around your IQOS and you do not need to remove it when charging your device. It is available in several colors, such as Icy Blue, Scarlet, Cloud and many more.

Leather case – A leather case is a durable protection in which you place your IQOS. The leather is shock-proof and makes it comfortable to hold the device. This protection can also remain during charging and comes in colors such as Royal Blue, Deep Red and Cream.

Fabric case – A fabric case both protects and gives your IQOS a new look. The case is available in three different colors: Red, Indigo and Gray. This can also be used while charging.

Leather cover – With a leather cover, you can easily store your IQOS, a package of heatsticks and a cleaning tool while keeping everything in one place. The leather cover is small and flexible and protects against any scratches. You can also charge your IQOS without removing the cover. The cover is available in several different colors.

Fabric cover – Just like with the leather cover, you can store your IQOS, a package of heatsticks and a cleaning tool in the cover. You do not need to remove your IQOS from the cover during charging. The cover is available in three different colors.