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IQOS accessories
IQOS accessories

IQOS accessories

With accessories for IQOS, you can get a personal heating device that matches your style. We offer a wide selection of accessories and you can read more about some of them here.


IQOS cap is an accessory for the top of the holder. The cap is available in six different colours, from more discrete metal colours to bright, colourful options. Choose a darker colour such as Dark Bronze in the fall and a summer colour like Electric Teal when it is warmer outside.

IQOS Cases

You will also find cases in several colours. A case serves as protection for your IQOS and provides a better grip. The cases are available in silicone, fabric and leather. No matter which case you choose, you will get one that suits you.

IQOS Door covers

An IQOS Door cover is an accessory that makes it easy to protect and store your IQOS 3 DUO and your heatsticks when you are not using them. We offer dover covers in leather or fabric and in different sizes depending on whether you are going to use if for your IQOS and an extra holder or for both your IQOS and your heatsticks. The door cover is available in several colours, and you do not need to remove it to see the battery status or to charge your IQOS.

IQOS Power adapter

A power adapter and cable is of course included when you buy an IQOS starter kit. If you need an extra power adapter or want a practical charging station where you easily put your IQOS to charge, you will find it here. With our charging accessories, you can be sure that your IQOS never run out of battery.

If you want to know more about our accessories or have any questions, you can contact our support.