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Is IQOS a Vape?
Is IQOS a Vape?

Is IQOS a Vape?

We’ve heard this question time and time again – is IQOS a vape? The answer? While both options are smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes for adult smokers – no, IQOS is not a vape! Find out difference between IQOS heated tobacco and vaping.

Heated tobacco devices heat tobacco instead of burning it. The result? A tobacco experience with none of the fire, ash or smoke smell that cigarettes produce. All heated tobacco devices contain a heating source. The heated tobaccos exact temperature can vary within lower temperatures but never exceed 350 degrees celsius. What’s important is that heated tobacco products do not reach the high temperatures where tobacco is burn.

What are the differences between IQOS and vaping?

Here are all the important differences between IQOS vs vape.

1. Technology.
IQOS is part of a category of products called heating tobacco devices. These products utilize innovative tobacco heating systems, such as IQOS’s HeatControl™ to heat tobacco instead of burning it. Vapes – also called e-cigarettes - work by heating and then vaporizing e-liquid, or vaping liquid.

2. Tobacco.
IQOS utilizes tobacco made of real tobacco leaves that are harvested, and then specially prepared and compressed into heatsticks. The precise heating of these tobacco sticks works to deliver tobacco flavor, and at the same time, does not burn tobacco. They are addictive and contain nicotine because it is naturally occurring in tobacco and are not risk free. On the other hand, vapes do not utilize real tobacco; instead, they utilize a vaping liquid available in a variety of flavors at vape shops. Vaping liquids come with or without nicotine.

3. Experience.
IQOS delivers an experience that is similar to smoking. IQOS provides real tobacco taste and satisfaction. Heatsticks are designed to last around 14 puffs, which is around the same amount of time as a cigarette. Vapes, however, offer a completely new experience that is different from smoking, due to the usage of vaping liquids.

4. Product variety.
Currently there is one model of IQOS heated tobacco device to choose from in Sweden – such as, IQOS 3 DUO. IQOS 3 DUO have a separate holder and charger.

IQOS is a heated tobacco device

IQOS is not a vape or e-cigarette, but IQOS is a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes.