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Let’s hang out this October!
Let’s hang out this October!

Let’s hang out this October!

Explore different events with our IQOS team this fall. We are touring the country for a cozy adventure – and you are invited! Stop by to learn more about IQOS heating tobacco and get the chance to ask our experts all about IQOS.

We are heated all season

Discover more about IQOS with us. Our experts will show you how IQOS works – and how the heated technology is created. Get your hands on a warm sensation for the season and meet our many IQOS accessories to make it more personal.

Please note that for some events an entrance ticket is needed.

Take us with you in your calendar

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Find us here this fall:




B&W Beer & Whisky festival, Nacka strand fair

1st October

B&W Beer & Whisky festival, Nacka strand fair

6-7th October

Fast Food, Malmö

19-20th October

Out-of-Office, Berns Stockholm

28th October




Stockholm Food and Wine, Stockholm/p>

11-13th November

King 100 mäktigaste, Stockholm

19th November

Out-of-Office, Berns Stockholm

25th November

B&W – Beer & Whisky festival, Linköping

25-26th November

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Place Date Week
OOO @ KP Restaurang Malmö 3rd June w.22
Bro Hof Slott Golf Club 4th June w.22
Rosendal Gardenparty Sthlm 8 - 11th June w.23
Expo Beer & Whisky Söderköping 15th June 2.24
Expo Beer & Whisky Arvika 18th June w.24
Expo Beer & Whisky Norrtälje 29th June w.26
Visby Strandgatan 27-30th June w.26
Tre-T Tobak Västervik 27-30th June w.26
Simson Västervi 27-30th June w.26
Place Date Week
Tre-T Västervik 1-10th July w.26-27
Simson Västervik 1-3rd & 6-9th July w.26-27
Visby Strandgatan 1-31st July w.26-30
Vi som älskar 90-talet GBG 2nd July w.26
Wheels National Umeå 2nd July w.26
Expo Beer & Whisky Nynäshamn 2nd July w.26
Sensommar Festival Sundsvall 8-9th July w.26
Expo Beer & Whisky Motala 9th July w.27
Vi som älskar 90-talet Gävle 9th July w.27
Vi som älskar 90-talet Stockholm 9th July w.27
Kronocamping Lidköping 10-17th July w.28
Expo Beer & Whisky Alingsås 13th July w.28
Wheels National Haparanda 14-16th July w.28
Vi som älskar 90-talet Karlstad 15th July w.28
Ljungarocken 15-16th July w.28
Expo Beer & Whisky Båstad 20th July w.29
Härnösands stadsfest 22-23rd July w.29
Expo Beer & Whisky Lysekil 23rd July w.29
Vi som älskar 90-talet Helsingborg 23rd July w.29
Hudikkalaset 29-30th July w.30
Storsjöyran Östersund 29-31st July w.30
Kronocamping Lidköping 31th July w.30
Place Date Week
Kronocamping Lidköping 1-7th Aug w.31
Visby Strandgatan 1-7th Aug w.31
Tre-T Tobak Västervik 1-7th Aug w.31
Fåfängan Sthlm Mon-Wed in Aug w.31-35
Expo Beer & Whisky Katrineholm 3rd Aug w.31
Simson Västervik 4-6th Aug w.31
Wheels National Sthlm Car Meet 6th Aug w.31
Expo Beer & Whisky Ystad 13th Aug w.32
Wheels National Älvdalen Car Meet 13th Aug w.32
Expo Beer & Whisky Karlskoga 17th Aug w.33
Expo Beer & Whisky Västervik 20th Aug w.33
Expo Beer & Whisky Hässleholm 24th Aug w.34
Expo Beer & Whisky Sandviken 26-27th Aug w.34
Expo Beer & Whisky Lund 27th Aug w.34