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Vape coil
Vape coil

Vape coil

A vape coil is the small part that is placed in the middle of an e-cigarette that creates vapor. It consists of a cover with cotton that sucks up an e-liquid, as well as multiple coil wires that are heated and convert the e-liquid into vapor which you can inhale.

Different variations of coil for vape

Coil for vape comes in many different variations and with different characteristics. The most common variation of vape coil is the one that is pre-assembled, which you can easily screw into place on the evaporator. Other variants can be built from scratch by purchasing separate parts.

Some of the most common vape coils are:

Coil heads – These are pre-assembled for a certain type of tank and consist of both cotton and coil wires. Pay extra attention so that you buy the correct type of coil for the model of your vape.

Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) – This is a coil for vape that has a larger surface which is in contact with the cotton of the coil. This way it creates more vapor and you get an even stronger taste.

RBA coil – This is a vape coil that you assemble yourself. You use coil wires that you can buy as already assembled or ones that you will need to twirl, then you lace cotton through the coil wires towards the tank. These types of coils also come in different variations. It takes a lot of knowledge about the different parts and how these fit together to assemble your own vape. Therefore you should only do this if you are more experienced.

Exchange your vape coil

The coil on your vape needs to be exchanged frequently. You will notice that it is time to exchange the coil when the vapor tastes burnt and smokey, which often occurs after 1-2 weeks. Time can differ from person to person depending on how much you use your vape. If the coil begins to leak you should exchange it immediately.