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What's included in an IQOS kit?
IQOS kit

What's included in an IQOS kit?

Your IQOS kit consists of a holder and a charger, as well as a charging cable and an AC adapter. Here, we will go through what it is exactly that the box consists of when you have received it, as well as what the different parts mean.


The holder is the part from which you inhale vapor. This is where you place your heatstick, and a ceramic heating blade will then heat the tobacco to a controlled temperature, lower than 350 degrees. You can use the holder up to two times in a row before you will need to recharge it in the charger.

IQOS charger

The IQOS charger is the part where you place your holder. The charger stores the holder and makes sure it is fully loaded within two minutes. You can charge the holder in the IQOS charger up to 20 times before even this part will need charging via a power outlet.

Charging cable and AC adapter

In the box you will also receive a USB cable and an AC adapter to be able to charge the IQOS charger in a power outlet. Remember to unplug the IQOS charger after it is fully charged to not decrease the battery life of your IQOS.

Buy accessories

On our website you will also find an abundance of accessories that you can buy to make your IQOS more personalized but also to protect it so it lasts for a long time. For example, you will find colorful cases and sleeves, as well as an extra charging cable and adapters.