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A small step toward

meaningful change.

Dispose of your used devices and SMARTCORE STICKS™
responsibly and help us reduce the waste from our products.

Taking the first step together.

You’re invited to join our pilot Circular programme by recycling your old devices and used SMARTCORE STICKS™. You can drop them off at recycling boxes in our IQOS stores or selected drop-off points, and we will recycle them for you. The plan is as easy, but will only work if we do it together.

blue IQOS recycling box

Why should used SMARTCORE STICKS™
be recycled?

Isn’t it good enough to just throw them in the bin? It is a very good start, but with our pilot recycling program, we want to take it one step further. At Philip Morris, we want to explore the possibilities of increasing the life-cycle of our products.

The components of the tobacco sticks can be recycled and some materials can be turned into new products, like disposable trays, tiles, or even sunglasses. When you throw them into the bin, we will still need to produce new materials. But by recycling, we can reuse existing components. Nice!

Return them to us - and help create a better future, together.

How you recycle with us.
  • 1. Visit store

    Go to any IQOS store or selected drop off points

  • 2. Drop off

    Put your used devices and SMARTCORE STICKS™ into the recycling box

  • 3. Collected

    Our partner will pick up the boxes and send it to the recycle program

  • 4. Recycled

    The used materials will be recycled or used for energy production

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Did you know...

During last year we achieved 100% recycling rate of IQOS devices returned in Sweden

*Source: PMI Integrated report, 2022


Did you know...

of adult IQOS-users would like to do more to reduce their impact on the environment?*

*Source: PMI Integrated report, 2022

157 000

Did you know...

of smoke-free electronic devices globally have been refreshed or repaired since 2021

*Source: PMI Integrated report, 2022