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IQOS Brand Stores and resellers

Available throughout Sweden

Welcome to our stores! Here you can get professional help from our IQOS experts on how to use IQOS, how the heating technology works and how to clean your device. In our stores you can buy your own IQOS and associated accessories. If you already have an IQOS, you can also get help in various service matters.


Stureplan 4
Sturegallerian, entrance level
111 45 Stockholm

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Birger Jarlsgatan N°21
111 45 Stockholm

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Kungsgatan 56
411 08 Göteborg

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Stora Nygatan 50-56
Hansa Galleria, entrance level
211 37 Malmö

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Our resellers are located through out Sweden – you can find IQOS at your local foodstore or in kiosks on the go.

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Get your own IQOS. Try IQOS easy at home and decide within 60 days if you want to return it.


Our IQOS Brand Stores helps you with:

Product demonstration

Whether you never have seen an IQOS before, or are a regular user, you can come to us. You can get a product demonstration from our IQOS experts or help with your device.


Are you experiencing problems with your device or do you need help cleaning it? Visit us and we will help you with your IQOS.

Swaps and returns

If you have ordered according to our money back guarantee and are a part of IQOS Customer Benefit Program, you can get help to return your device in our IQOS stores.


You can personalize your IQOS with various colorful accessories. From cases and chargers to cleaning tools.

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