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Alternatives to smoking
Alternatives to smoking

Alternatives to smoking

Experience tobacco without smoke smell and ash with IQOS heated tobacco. Adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products have the option of exploring different experiences than smoking cigarettes.

There are two main groups of smoking alternatives: heated tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Heated tobacco products as a smoking alternative

IQOS is an electronic device and used with heated tobacco it is a smoke free alternative. Heated tobacco devices utilize real tobacco that is specially processed and formed into sticks. The heatsticks are then inserted into the device, where innovative technologies heat the tobacco to specific temperatures, but never high enough to cause the tobacco to burn. As with e-cigarettes, there is also no smoke produced with heated tobacco. Heated tobacco devices, such as IQOS, contain a ceramic blade with gold and platinum. The heatstick is inserted directly onto the blade, and the blade heats the tobacco directly from the core. This allows the tobacco to be heated first, before the paper, which delivers a consistent taste and experience.

E-Cigarettes are an alternative to smoking

E-cigarettes are another kind of smoking alternative, but it does not utilize real tobacco. They are electronic products that heat and vaporize e-liquids instead. Most utilize a system called “wick & coil”, where the wick draws the e-liquid, which contains flavors and nicotine, onto a coil element to heat it and create a vapor. E-cigarettes are also sometimes called “vapes” or “vaping systems”. Some of these are reusable and others are single-use only.

How are smoke-free alternatives different than smoking cigarettes?

E-cigarettes cannot be compared to cigarettes as there is no combustion and they do not contain any tobacco. Heated tobacco, on the other hand, contains real tobacco and provides a cigarette-like experience for those who do not want to quit smoking. Because the tobacco is heated instead of being burned, no smoke or ash is created, and no combustion takes place. The IQOS unit heats the tobacco at a much lower temperature, which releases tobacco taste and nicotine without burning the tobacco.
If you want to read more about the differences between the non-smoking alternatives such as e-cigarettes and heated tobacco, you can do it here.