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How to prevent the heating blade in your IQOS from breaking?
How to prevent the heating blade in your IQOS from breaking?

How to prevent the heating blade in your IQOS from breaking?

IQOS is a heating unit which uses a so-called Heat not burn technology. There is a heating blade inside the device which heats the tobacco to temperatures lower than 350 degrees. The heating blade is made of gold and platinum and has a ceramic coating. Here you can read more about a few tips on how to use your IQOS correctly without damaging the heating blade.

How to avoid damaging the IQOS heating blade

Use your IQOS correctly – Be careful when you insert the heat stick into the IQOS. Insert the stick before pressing the start button on the device and make sure you place it with the tobacco side down on the heating pad. If you insert the heat stick after pressing the start button, there is a risk that the heating blade breaks.

Clean your IQOS and the heating blade – Proper cleaning is essential in order for the heating blade to work well. Make sure your IQOS device has cooled down before you clean it. Use only IQOS’ own cleaning tools as the heating blade is very sensitive and can be damaged by other materials. Insert the IQOS cleaning stick into the holder of the device and gently rotate clockwise a few times. Carefully tap the holder to remove any tobacco residue.

What can you do if the heating blade breaks?

When you register your IQOS, you get an accidental damage protection (link) which enables you to replace IQOS components, such as the holder if the heating blade breaks (the accidental damage protection is valid for one replacement per IQOS device). If the heating blade in your IQOS breaks, you can contact our customer support who will be happy to help you and replace your IQOS holder. You can also visit one of our stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö where our experts can troubleshoot your device and help you replace the holder.