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5 tips to prolong your IQOS battery life
5 tips to prolong your IQOS battery life

5 tips to prolong your IQOS battery life

Charging your IQOS is easy! The holder is charged by placing it in your IQOS 3-charger and closing the cover. On top of the charger, there are two indicator lights. When they flash, this indicates that the holder is charging. When the lights stop flashing, your holder is ready to use. The IQOS 3-charger itself is charged with IQOS’ own cable and adaptor, or via the IQOS charging station, which you can purchase separately.

Routines that extend the battery life of your IQOS

By creating charging routines for your IQOS, you can extend the life of your battery. Here are some simple tips and tricks to keep in mind to ensure your IQOS is kept in the best possible condition:

1. Unplug your IQOS when it is fully charged
A simple way to extend the battery life of your IQOS is not to overcharge it. Do not charge the IQOS overnight and unplug the charger when your IQOS is fully recharged. Even though charging overnight can be convenient, it can lead to the battery running out.

2. Do not let the battery run out completely before charging your IQOS
When you let the battery run out completely before recharging it, you reduce its life span. If, instead, you recharge your IQOS 3-charger after 20 uses, you know you are charging it exactly when necessary. In other words, you can charge your IQOS 3-charger when a packet of heatsticks run out.

3. Keep your IQOS at a normal temperature
High temperatures are bad for the IQOS battery. Keep your IQOS in a cool place to extend the battery life. Remember that extremely low temperatures are not good for your IQOS either.

4. Clean your IQOS daily
Clean your IQOS daily with IQOS cleaning tools and it will last much longer. This also guarantees a consistent flavour.

5. Turn on your IQOS regularly
When you switch on your IQOS regularly and charge it when necessary, you will keep it going and avoid the battery from running out completely.

Secure batteries that are tested

IQOS batteries have gone through thorough security tests before being sold. Each material is tested and evaluated individually, and all components are manufactured according to high quality and safety standards.

Would you like to find out more about IQOS and how to charge your unit? You are very welcome to contact us at Philip Morris!