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Cleaning and care
Cleaning and care

Cleaning and care

It is essential to clean and take good care of your IQOS for it to work optimally and last longer. Here you will find all our cleaning tools, which are developed specifically for IQOS.

Cleaning and care of IQOS

The best way to clean your IQOS is by using a cleaning tool and cleaning sticks:

Cleaning tool

The IQOS Cleaning tool with integrated brushes is used to clean your IQOS. You simply put the cleaning tool in your device and swirl around a few times to remove tobacco residue.

Cleaning sticks

With IQOS Cleaning sticks, you can easily keep your IQOS holder in good condition. The sticks to clean and take care of your IQOS are available in packs of 10 or 30.

How to clean your IQOS

In order for your IQOS to always work properly, it should be cleaned daily. With regular cleaning, the process will always be simple and smooth.

How to clean your IQOS holder:

● Switch off the holder and wait at least 30 seconds for the heating blade to cool down.
● Remove the lid from the holder and open your IQOS cleaning tool.
● Carefully insert the cleaning tool all the way down to the bottom of the heating blade and swirl around 2-3 times.
● Remove the cleaning tool and tap it gently to remove tobacco residue.
● Insert a cleaning stick straight into the holder without pressing or pushing if the stick is blocked.

How to clean your IQOS lid:

● Clean the inside of the lid with the cleaning stick.
● Clean underneath the lid with the cleaning tool.
● Insert the cleaning tool until it touches the bottom and swirl gently 2-3 times, tap the
lid and the cleaning tool gently to remove tobacco residue.