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The best way to clean your IQOS
The best way to clean your IQOS

The best way to clean your IQOS

By taking care of your IQOS and cleaning it regularly, you make it last longer. Also, proper cleaning ensures that the tobacco taste is not affected. Here we will guide you through the different steps in the best cleaning procedure of your IQOS and give you answers to some common questions.

How to clean IQOS - step by step

1. Let it cool down – Make sure your IQOS has cooled down after usage before you start cleaning it.

2. Tap it gently – Remove the lid on your IQOS and tap the device gently against a hard surface to remove loose tobacco residue. Use the IQOS cleaning stick to remove any tobacco residue that got stuck in the lid.

3. Brush with the cleaning tool – Insert the IQOS cleaning stick into the holder of the device and gently rotate clockwise a few times. Remember to only use your IQOS’ own cleaning tools as the heating blade is very sensitive and can be damaged by other materials.

If an accident happens and the heating blade gets damaged, we will replace the holder once if your IQOS is registered. Register here to get accident protection.

4. Wipe with a cleaning stick – If there is any tobacco residue left, gently wipe it off with an IQOS cleaning stick.

How often do you need to clean your IQOS?

We recommend that you clean your IQOS after finishing each package of heatsticks. In other words, you do not need to clean it after each use.

How do you know if you cleaned your IQOS correctly?

When the area around the heating blade is gray or white without any tobacco residue or dark coating, your IQOS is properly cleaned.

Where can you buy IQOS cleaning tools?

IQOS cleaning tools and cleaning sticks are included in all IQOS starter kits. If you need to buy new ones, you can buy directly here on our website, in our IQOS stores or through our retailers.

Professional IQOS cleaning

You are always welcome to one of our IQOS stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö for professional cleaning of your IQOS.