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IQOS self-diagnostic tool
IQOS self-diagnostic tool

IQOS self-diagnostic tool

IQOS Diagnostic tool is our online service where you can quickly and easily troubleshoot your IQOS to find a solution to a possible issue. First you choose what kind of problem you are experiencing and then you are presented with a couple of options that you can try in order to solve the problem. If, however, you do not find the solution in our Diagnostic tool you will receive a case number and may contact our customer service through LiveChat, email or telephone and we will help you.

This is how IQOS Diagnostic tool works

1. Start by choosing which part of your IQOS that you experience issues with.
2. Choose what kind of problem it is and click the link to be transferred to the next page.
3. You are presented with a couple of steps you can try to troubleshoot your IQOS and solve the problem.
4. Answer yes or no to the question whether your IQOS is working properly after you have tried the different solutions.
5. If your IQOS still does not work properly you will receive a case number and are welcome to contact our customer service.

Find the solution to your issues

We have developed the IQOS Diagnostic tool in order for you to quickly and easily find the solution if you experience problems with your IQOS. Here you can receive help with the following issues:

● Broken heating blade
● The lights do not come on
● The lights are flashing red
● Issue with inserting a heatstick
● It takes too long to charge the device
● External damage

Contact our customer service if the issue remains

In our Diagnostic tool you can find an answer to possible issues that can occur with your IQOS. If these solutions do not solve the issue you can contact our customer service in any of the following ways:

● LiveChat
● Telephone: 020-25 10 10
● Email:

If the guarantee on your IQOS is still valid and the issue you are experiencing is covered by our policy, we will exchange your device for a brand new one. If you have an IQOS Benefit package where accident damage coverage is included, you are guaranteed one free exchange per article in your IQOS-kit. You can read further about our guarantee and accidental damage coverage here .