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Remove the smell of smoke from your house
Remove the smell of smoke from your house

Remove the smell of smoke from your house

The smell from cigarettes is known to be hard to remove from indoor environments, such as walls, furniture and textiles. It is a distinct smell, which can be both unpleasant and annoying. To remove the smell of smoke from your home, you can try a few simple hacks described in this article. The best way to avoid the smell in the future is simply to choose a smoke-free alternative like IQOS, which works without any fire, ash or smoke smell.

How to remove the smell of smoke indoors

The best method for getting rid of the smell depends on where and how intense the odour is. In houses where residents have smoked indoors, it is sometimes impossible to remove the smell of smoke unless you renovate and repaint the walls with an odour-blocking paint, which prevents nicotine and smoke from penetrating the walls. But always start by trying out some simple hacks first.

How to get the smell of smoke out of your house

Vinegar is a classic hack used to get rid of odours. If you have problems with the occasional smell of smoke in a room, try placing a bowl of vinegar in the room and leave it for at least one day. The vinegar will absorb the bad smell and make the room a more pleasant place to be. To remove the smell of smoke and make your house smell better in general, try using a mixture of vinegar, water and essential oils with a scent of bergamot and lemongrass. By doing this, you get rid of the odour, and can enjoy a lovely and fresh scent at the same time.

In the worst-case scenario, you might need to hire a professional cleaner to remove the smell. They have powerful tools and the experience needed to eradicate the smell of smoke completely.

How to remove the smell of smoke from textiles and furniture

Smoke not only clings to walls, but also to furniture and textiles. Here too, you can try to use vinegar to remove the smell of smoke.

● Textiles, such as curtains, bed linen, and blankets can be put outside in fresh air before washing them in the washing machine. Put 1dl of vinegar together with detergent in the compartment of the washing machine. Even coats and clothes can be washed in the same way to avoid the smell of smoke in wardrobes.
● Furniture can be washed with a mixture of water, vinegar and a little bit of detergent. Soak a cloth in the mixture and carefully clean the furniture with the cloth. You might have to repeat the process several times to get rid of the smell from the furniture in your home. If the upholstery is removable, you can take it off and wash it in the same way as textiles.
● Carpets can be sprinkled generously with bicarbonate or baking soda to remove the smell of smoke. Let the powder sit for a day and then vacuum thoroughly. Hopefully, this will give you an odour-free carpet.

Always use vinegar carefully, as it could damage delicate clothes and textiles.

Avoid the smell of smoke in your home with IQOS

IQOS is a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. By using HeatControl technology, it heats the tobacco in a controlled way instead of burning it, which creates vapour instead of smoke. This gives a real taste of tobacco, but without fire, ash or the smell of smoke in your house or textiles.

IQOS is an electronic device that uses heatsticks. The heatsticks contains real tobacco. A ceramic blade heats up the tobacco, which gives the real tobacco aroma and a cigarette-like experience. Since IQOS is smoke-free, you no longer have to worry about the smell of smoke in your home.

How IQOS works

1. Carefully insert the heatstick into your IQOS and turn on the heat by pressing and holding the button on the device. Your IQOS is activated when you feel a vibration and the lamps pulse with light.
2. Your IQOS is heated and ready to use when the light is solid white, and the device vibrates twice.
3. The heatstick lasts up to 14 puffs or for 6 minutes, which is as long as a normal cigarette.
4. When your IQOS vibrates twice and the white light starts pulsating, you have 2 puffs or 30 seconds left. After usage, remove your heatstick and charge your IQOS in the charger. After 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the device is ready to be used again.

IQOS is a smoke-free option contributing to a smoke-free world

After many years of research and with a mission to make Sweden one of the first smoke-free countries in the world, IQOS has been developed as a smoke-free alternative for smokers. Innovative technology and science have collaborated to create IQOS, which means you get the taste and feeling of a cigarette, but without any fire, ash or smell.