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Remove smoke smell from a car
Remove smoke smell from a car

Remove smoke smell from a car

When a cigarette burns, it reaches a temperature of over 800 degrees Celsius and smoke is emitted that contains thousands of chemical substances. This smoke has a distinct odour that will remain long after the cigarette has been extinguished if you smoke in the car. Here we tell you more about how you can get rid of smoke smell in cars and how you can avoid future problems with smoke odours by choosing smoke-free alternatives such as IQOS.

How do you remove the smell of smoke from a car?

How you get rid of the smell of smoke from a car depends on how often the car has been smoked in and how strong the smell is. In some cases, a thorough cleaning may be sufficient, while in others, time, commitment and several different tricks may be required. If you don't succeed in removing the smell of smoke in the car yourself, professional help may be needed in the form of smoke decontamination.

This is how you can remove smoke smell from a car

The best way to remove smoke odour in a car is to start with a thorough deep cleaning. Brush and vacuum the car's interior and ventilate the entire car by leaving all doors open for a while. Also, wash the car window with detergent and water. If there is a sharp smell of smoke, you can sprinkle baking soda or bicarbonate on all fabrics in the car and leave it for a few hours. Then vacuum up the powder. Afterwards, set out a bowl of vinegar that you leave overnight to remove the smell of smoke in the car. The vinegar neutralises alkaline substances in the air and thus removes the odour. There are also cleaning sprays that neutralize and remove bad odours by encapsulating the odour molecules. These sprays usually work well if the smell of smoke is not too strong.

Avoid smoke odour in the car with IQOS

When you smoke cigarettes in the car, there is a great risk that the smell of smoke settles in the interior. IQOS is a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes which, instead of burning the tobacco, heats it in a controlled manner to a temperature lower than 350 degrees Celsius. This creates steam that gives a cigarette-like experience but without fire, ash and smoke, which means that you completely avoid the problem of having to remove the smell of smoke in the car.

Use IQOS with heatsticks

IQOS is used with heatsticks which comes in several different flavours. A ceramic blade heats up the tobacco in the heatstick and releases the flavour.

How to use your IQOS:

1. Carefully insert a heatstick into your IQOS and turn on the heat by pressing and holding the button on the holder. The device is activated when you feel a vibration and the lights are lit with a pulsating light.
2. When the light is solid white and the holder vibrates twice, your IQOS is properly heated and ready to use.
3. Your heatstick lasts for as long as a regular cigarette. Up to 14 puffs or for 6 minutes, depending on what is achieved first.
4. When your IQOS vibrates twice and the white light starts pulsating, you have 2 puffs or 30 seconds left.
5. Remove your used heatstick and charge the holder in the charger. In 3 minutes and 30 seconds the IQOS is ready to be used again.

Modern technology and science

IQOS is based on the latest technology and many years of research. The reason why we have developed IQOS is to be able to phase out the use of cigarettes and for Sweden to become one of the first smoke-free countries in the world. With IQOS you get the experience of a cigarette without the hassle of fire, ash and smoke smell.