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Azure Blue
489.00 SEK

We joined forces with the IQOS Community to refresh their pre-owned devices, reduce electronic waste and help you switch to IQOS. Refreshed to our highest standard and with all the services of a new device. IQOS ILUMA ONE Refreshed comes with all the advanced features for you to enjoy a personalised and pleasurable tobacco experience: no blade, no cleaning, generous steam and a constant taste from one stick to another.

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Wondering how we make used IQOS devices fresh again?

  • icon aesthetics

    Aesthetic check We replace parts that are worn down.

  • icon battery

    Battery check If it's not in top condition, we replace it with a new one.

  • icon firmware

    Firmware check We ensure the devices are running the latest Firmware.

  • icon sanitation

    Sanitation With a serious clean inside out, we make sure all devices are good as new.

  • icon warranty

    Warranty All the IQOS Refreshed devices have the same warranty as a new one.

refreshed video

How IQOS devices get refreshed
refreshed video

How IQOS devices get refreshed

IQOS ILUMA Refreshed

Pre-owned. Pre-loved.With all the services of a new device.

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New IQOS Device

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IQOS Refreshed Device

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12 months

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12 months

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A familiar design with an enhanced experience without any cleaning. Meet IQOS ILUMA with SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ technology. Whether you’re making the switch to IQOS or simply upgrading from a previous IQOS device, this switch couldn’t be easier.

A Moss Green IQOS ILUMA holder and Pocket Charger in a box.
A Slate IQOS ILUMA device and Pocket Charger.

Next level

All the advanced features of IQOS ILUMA for you to personalize.

TEREA Stick.
IQOS ILUMA Pocket Charger.

1. Tobacco stick

Tobacco sticks are made for IQOS ILUMA and contain the highest quality tobacco leaf. There’s a metal element inside them, which heats the tobacco through induction.

2. Holder

The IQOS ILUMA Holder is part of our SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ which is bladeless. Because the tobacco isn't pierced, the device stays clean.

3. IQOS ILUMA Pocket Charger.

The IQOS ILUMA Pocket Charger has a familiar, ergonomic design. It will power the Holder 20 times, subject to battery degradation and use over time.

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  • IQOS ILUMA Holder
  • IQOS ILUMA Pocket Charger
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • USB-C cable to charge the IQOS ILUMA Pocket Charger
An illustration showing an IQOS ILUMA  Holder.
An illustration showing an IQOS ILUMA Holder.
An illustration showing an AC Power Adaptor.
An illustration showing a USB-C charging cable.

IQOS devices which are defective in terms of material or workmanship are covered provided they have been used in accordance with the user guide and which are subject to a valid warranty claim. If the IQOS is not used in accordance with the user guide it is not covered by the warranty

You can read more about IQOS-warranty here


Height: 117.6mm
Width: 44.7mm
Diameter: 22.2mm
Weight: 141g

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Let us take you through 3 new possibilities.
Do not use SMARTCORE-sticks with previous IQOS™ generations, as this may cause damage to your device. SMARTCORE-sticks contain a metal part. Keep out of reach of children to prevent disassembly or ingestion. See Important information.
IQOS ILLUMA holder rings.

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