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Help us reduce electronic waste.

We've joined forces with the IQOS community to reduce electronic waste and give their pre-owned devices a second chance.

We are refreshing them to our highest standard so you can switch to IQOS at a more affordable price and enjoy real tobacco taste and satisfaction.

Wondering how we make used IQOS devices fresh again?

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    Aesthetic check We replace parts that are worn down.

  • icon battery

    Battery check If it's not in top condition, we replace it with a new one.

  • icon firmware

    Firmware check We ensure the devices are running the latest Firmware.

  • icon sanitation

    Sanitation With a serious clean inside out, we make sure all devices are good as new.

  • icon warranty

    Warranty All the IQOS Refreshed devices have the same warranty as a new one.

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How IQOS devices get refreshed
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How IQOS devices get refreshed

IQOS ILUMA Refreshed

Pre-owned. Pre-loved.With all the services of a new device.

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Helpful information

It is a pre-owned device that meets the quality criteria needed to be refreshed and then reused by a new owner. Our IQOS Refreshed devices Initiative allows us to reduce electronic waste, but also to offer an IQOS device at a more affordable price for - adult smokers.

IQOS Refreshed preowned devices are good as new. IQOS Refreshed devices go through stringent technical and cosmetic inspection. They are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and the firmware is updated. They are also rigorously tested to make sure they meet our quality standards before being repackaged for a new owner. Several cosmetic and functional components may also be replaced.

IQOS Refreshed devices are covered by the same one-year voluntary manufacturer warranty as a new device and come with all accessories and user documents. Upon registration, they benefit from the same care services as a new device.

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