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Why does a vape taste burnt?
Why does a vape taste burnt?

Why does a vape taste burnt?

An electric cigarette can sometimes get a strong and unpleasant burnt taste. There are several reasons why an e-cigarette tastes burnt, but most likely it is because of the coil. Below we list some of the things that can cause the burnt taste and what you can do to prevent it.

Reasons why the e-cigarette tastes burnt

The most common reason why an e-cigarette tastes burnt is because the cotton in the coil was dry when the device was being used which caused it to burn. Some of the possible reasons why the cotton burns are the following:

The cotton is dry – If the cotton has not absorbed the e-liquid properly, the cotton will be dry and thus burn when the e-cigarette is being used.
The coil needs to be replaced – If the coil has been used for too long, this affects the absorbency of the cotton. In this case, the coil needs to be replaced with a new one.
The coil gets too hot – If the settings on the device are too high, the coil can get overheated, which results in the cotton becoming dry and the e-cigarette tasting burnt.
The button is pressed down even when the e-cigarette is not being used – If you press the button when you are not inhaling, there is a risk that the coil is hot for too long which can cause the cotton to burn.
The coil has not been primed before using it – If the cotton does not have enough moisture, you should prime it before using to avoid the burnt taste. Priming means that you saturate the cotton with e-liquid before it is placed in the coil.

Prevent the e-cigarette from tasting burnt

When an e-cigarette tastes burnt, it is time to replace the coil to get rid of the burnt taste. If the cotton was burning while you used the e-cigarette, there is a risk that the e-liquid also got the burnt taste. If that is the case, the liquid has to be replaced.

Priming the coil is best way to prevent an e-cigarette from tasting burnt. This should always be done when the coil is new. The moisture will prevent the cotton from overheating and burning.

Is a burnt vape dangerous to use?

The burnt taste is usually a sign that the coil, which heats the e-liquid, has overheated or that the cotton in the coil has burnt. When the cotton burns, it can lead to the release of harmful substances that are then inhaled. Therefore, smoking a burnt vape may mean exposing one's airways to potentially harmful particles and chemicals that are not normally present in the vapor from a well-functioning e-cig. Therefore, it is of great importance to replace the coil as soon as a burnt taste is detected.