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Read more about our accessories
Read more about our accessories

Read more about our accessories

With IQOS Accessories, you can customize your heating device and make everyday life a little easier and smoother with practical accessories. Change the lid and case of your IQOS to a color of your preference or protect your IQOS with a practical cover. We have several different accessories and you can read more about them here!

Practical and stylish accessories for IQOS

Covers and protection

Do you want to keep your IQOS protected from scratches and damages? We offer covers and protection for IQOS in several different colors and materials, including fabric, leather and silicone. All the covers and protection are stylish and fit IQOS 3 DUO, and some of the covers also have room for a package of heatsticks.

Cleaning and care

When you take care of your things, they last longer - the same goes for your IQOS. By cleaning your IQOS often with our cleaning sticks and cleaning tools, you ensure that your IQOS works perfectly and the taste of tobacco is not affected. The cleaning sticks are designed to gently but effectively clean the sensitive heating blade. Read more about how to clean your IQOS here.

Heatstick accessories

Since the tobacco in a heatstick does not burn, you do not need to worry about any ash. However, you still need to throw the used heatsticks somewhere. Our IQOS cup has a practical lid with a hole where you can easily put your used heatsticks. When you want to empty the cup, just lift the lid and empty it in the garbage.

If you are on the go, you can keep both your used and unused heatsticks in our IQOS Portable container. The container is available in several different colors.

Charging and cables

With an extra charging cable and adapter at work, in the car or at home, you are always able to charge your IQOS. If you want to be able to easily charge your IQOS at home and keep track of where you have the charger, a charging station is a good alternative.

Colored lids and cases

Complement your IQOS with lids and cases in the color of the season. We have lids and cases in a variety of colors so that you can adapt your heating unit according to your personal taste and style.

Car accessory

With our car accessory, you have a dedicated place in the car for your IQOS and can easily charge it even when you are driving.