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Smoking in public places
Smoking in public places

Smoking in public places

Smoking in public places is regulated by the Act on Tobacco and Similar Products, which entered into force on 1st of July 2019. The law states, among other things, that smoking is prohibited in public places such as outdoor cafes, entrances and platforms for public transportation. This applies to all types of smoking, including cigarettes, cigarillos, e-cigarettes and IQOS.

Law on smoking in public places

A law on smoking in public places has existed for a long time. The previous law was called the Tobacco Act and it stated that smoking was prohibited in public places such as bars, restaurants, public transportation like subway, buses and airplanes, as well as in shops and in workplaces. When the Act on Tobacco and Similar Products entered into force in 2019, it replaced the Tobacco Act, and the smoking ban in public places was extended to also apply to the following places:

● Outdoor seating
● Entrances
● Platforms for public transportation
● Premises for health and medical care
● Schools and preschools
● Rooms in buildings which are for common use

You may smoke in a public place if it is specifically stated that it is permitted, as well as in rooms and areas which are specifically provided for smoking.

What happens if you smoke in a public place?

The owner or the person in charge of a premise or an area is responsible for the compliance of the law on smoking in public places. If someone smokes in a public place, the responsible person must ask the smoker to either stop smoking or leave the place. If the smoker does not want to follow the rules, this can be considered an illegal intrusion and the person can get a fine.

Does the law on smoking in public places apply to IQOS?

The Act on Tobacco and Similar Products also applies to e-cigarettes and IQOS. In other words, you are not allowed to use your IQOS in places where smoking is prohibited.

Contact us at Philip Morris if you want to know more about the rules for smoking in public places and where you can use your IQOS!