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Vape indoor
Vape indoor

Vape indoor

A vape is an electric cigarette that, instead of smoke, lets out a vapor which you inhale and exhale. Since the vapor does not stick to the indoor environment the way smoke does, you may use your vape indoors. However, it is forbidden to vape in many public places, for example within school grounds and in healthcare facilities.

Are you allowed to use your vape indoors?

Yes, you may use your vape indoors at private places. Ordinary cigarette smoke consists of thousands of particles and chemicals and has a pungent smell that sticks to hair, clothes, and the indoor environment. A vape, instead, creates a vapor whose smell differs depending on the taste that the e-liquid has, although this smell disappears after a few seconds. Remember to ask for permission if it is alright for you to vape indoors when you are visiting someone else’s home.

Vape indoors at public places

Vaping is included in the law of tobacco and similar products. This means that most public places do not allow you to use a vape indoors, this is something which you can read more about here. This law also applies to many public places outdoors, such as in connection to public transport, outdoor seating, and sports grounds.

Do you want to know more about what the rules are for vaping indoors? Then you are welcome to contact us at Philip Morris!