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What are Services & Benefits?
What are Services & Benefits?

What are Services & Benefits?

Services & Benefits are a service meant to bring you the best possible experience with your IQOS. With Services & Benefits you can have IQOS for a trial of 60 days. You will receive support from our experts whenever you may need it and also participate in unique customer offers.

What is provided in Services & Benefits?

● IQOS customer satisfaction policy – With IQOS customer satisfaction policy you can try IQOS at home for 60 days and get your money back if IQOS is not for you.

● Purchase on your own terms – With Services & Benefits you can quickly and smoothly shop online, in our stores or at one of our retail shops. You can buy anything from an IQOS-kit to colorful accessories.

● Access our troubleshooting tool – If you experience any trouble with your IQOS you can use our troubleshooting tool to find the solution with just a few easy steps. You are, of course, welcome to our store to let one of our experts help you solve the problem.

● Support – With Services & Benefits you will always have access to professional support when you need it. Our IQOS-experts can help you through our customer support or directly in our stores. We also provide online support with a step by step-guide and tutorial videos.

● Customer offers – Participate in our customer offers and get more out of your IQOS. You can receive free accessories, discounts and other benefits as well as our newsletter (this applies if your IQOS is registered on your account).

Register your IQOS - enjoy offers

To access the offers in Customer Benefit Program (that is part of Services & Benefits) you will need to register an account and your IQOS on our website. Register here and follow the steps. Don’t forget to activate your account with the verification email that will be sent to your inbox. Check your junk mail if the email doesn’t appear in your inbox, if you can’t find it you can always contact our customer service and they will help you out.

To participate in all of our benefits you will also need to register your IQOS, and this is done under “My Devices”. Remember to check the box for communication beneath “My Account” to receive newsletters and special offers.

You are always welcome to contact us at Philip Morris if you have any further questions about Services & Benefits !