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IQOS Customer Benefit Program
IQOS Customer Benefit Program

IQOS Customer Benefit Program

With our free service IQOS Benefit program, we ensure that your IQOS experience is as smooth as possible. Register your new IQOS directly here on our website and activate the benefit program to enjoy several benefits.

What is the IQOS Benefit Program?

IQOS Benefit Program is a free service that you get by registering your IQOS. The program includes several benefits and the purpose of it is to offer you good service and a smooth experience with your IQOS. The benefit program is valid for 12 months from the purchase date of the unit and the accidental damage coverage is valid for 12 months from the time you register your unit.

Please note that the Accidental damage coverage is not the same as the IQOS Warranty. You can read more about the differences between the accidental damage coverage and the warranty here.

What is included in the IQOS Benefit Program?

IQOS Benefit Program includes several benefits so that you can have the best possible experience with IQOS.

This is included in the Benefit Program:

● Accidental damage coverage – You can replace each part in your IQOS kit for free during 1 year.
● Personal IQOS expert – You have access to a personal IQOS expert who can explain how your IQOS works and help you with any problems.
● 10 % discount on accessories – You get a 10% discount on all IQOS accessories, including colorful covers, lids and heatstick accessories.
● News and offers – You get information about news and offers before those who are not registered.
● International assistance – You get access to a free number which you can call if you have any problems with your IQOS when you are abroad in countries where IQOS is sold*

* Some fees may apply.

How to register for the IQOS Benefit Program

To receive the IQOS Benefit Program, you need to register your IQOS. To do this, create an account here at Then click on "My Devices" and "Register new IQOS". If you buy your IQOS directly on our website, your device is registered automatically.

You can find answers to several questions about IQOS Benefit Programs and the registration process here.

If you want to know more about the IQOS Benefit Program or if you need help with the registration, you are welcome to contact our support on 020 - 25 10 10 or send an email to You are also welcome to visit one of our stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö where our staff will tell you more.