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Not sure if IQOS is for you?
Not sure if IQOS is for you?

Not sure if IQOS is for you?

Are you not sure if IQOS is suitable for you? Visit one of our stores in Stockholm, Gothen-burg and Malmö to get help from our experts, who can show how IQOS works before you decide to buy it or not. You can also order it online on our website and get a 60-day satisfac-tion guarantee, which means that you can try IQOS for 60 days and get your money back if you do not like it.

Learn more about IQOS in our stores before purchasing

At our stores you can get professional help from our experts, who will show you how IQOS works in order for you to understand how it differs from other non-smoking alternatives. We will give you a detailed guidance about IQOS, and you are welcome to ask all your questions. This will make it easier for you to make a more informed purchasing decision.

You can find our IQOS stores in the following locations:

Stockholm – Stureplan 4 (Sturegallerian)
Stockholm – Birger Jarlsgatan 21
Gothenburg – Kungsgatan 56
Malmö – Stora Nygatan 50-56

In the stores you can also buy accessories, get help with cleaning your IQOS or get any other assistance you might need for your IQOS.

Try at home with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee

When you order your first IQOS online on our website, you get a 60-day satisfaction guaran-tee. This means that you can return the product for free within 60 days and get your money back if you do not like it.