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IQOS Lights

What do the lights on my IQOS mean?
Your IQOS is equipped with several lights, on the Pocket Charger and the Holder. These lights are there to help you to easily identify the status of your device, for example if it is charged. Different lights have different meanings, here a quick overview for you.
White lights on your IQOS
In general any white light indicates that your IQOS is performing various operations, like charging, re-initialization, ready to use, fully charged etc.

The IQOS charging status is displayed on the top (IQOS 3) or the bottom (IQOS 3 MULTI) of your IQOS.

If you have the IQOS 3 or IQOS 3 MULTI, and you see the white light on your IQOS is blinking twice, this means your IQOS is outside operating temperature (<0°C/>50°C). Just wait until your IQOS is within temperature limits (0 - 50°C) and you can use it normally again.
What do the red lights on my IQOS 3 or IQOS 3 MULTI mean?
If you observe a red blinking light on your IQOS 3 Holder, Pocket Charger, or on your IQOS 3 MULTI, this means that it is signaling to let you know there is an issue.

In some cases, the red light appears when there is even a slight possibility of your IQOS not able to deliver the quality IQOS experience that we have promised you.

Does the small light on your IQOS 3 Pocket Charger turn red while you are charging your IQOS 3? Just unplug the cable, remove the Holder from the Pocket Charger, clean the connector of the IQOS 3 Holder and put it back in.

There might be multiple other reasons for your IQOS to have a red blinking light, please reset it, this can help solve the issue.
Here is how you can do this: Reset my IQOS

Still no luck? We are here to help you! Contact us and we will get this resolved for you right away.
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