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Heat not Burn means that the tobacco is heated enough to release nicotine and flavours, but not enough for the tobacco to be burned. The heating process creates a nicotine-containing vapour (aerosol).
Heated tobacco is an innovative technology that enables adult smokers to use tobacco without burning it, resulting in no combustion or smoke.

Through IQOS HeatControl Technology, the IQOS device heats the tobacco without burning it. The result is a cigarette-like experience, without fire, ash and smoke smell. You can read about our scientific results on the PMI website here.
Our pilot Circular programme provides you with a free and easy way to return old IQOS devices and used Smartcore™ sticks, helping reduce littering and waste created by our products. Read more about our recycling efforts: Pilot circular program
Our IQOS stores are open until further notice, we follow the recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten). IQOS stores that are located in shopping centers can be affected by changed opening hours, please check the opening hours for the shopping center you plan to visit.

The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners remain our number one priority and we are working hard to make sure that we minimize risks related to the spread of COVID-19.
For safety reasons, and to take best care of yourself, your family and friends, you should not share your IQOS with others.
  • In questions like this, it is important to regularly check the websites about COVID-19 from larger health authorities such as the public health authority and WHO
  • Regarding people with higher risk of becoming very ill by coronavirus WHO states older adults and people with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, lung disease, cancer or diabetes as particularly at risk.
  • Under the current circumstances it is recommended that people that uses tobacco or nicotine-containing products (including IQOS with heatsticks) and experiencing health problems to stop using the products and seek medical help.

    Source: WHO
  • When you return your device, this will be handled by our logistic parter. According to our internal restrictions by Philip Morris, your IQOS device will be in quarantine for five days before we will start processing your return. The handling time may therefore be slightly longer than usual. If you have questions regarding your return, please contact our IQOS Support by phone 020 - 25 10 10 (Monday-Friday from 09.00-18.00 and Saturday-Sunday from 10.00-18.00). You can also send an email to, start a chat conversation on our website or ask for help at the closest IQOS store.
    Our support will be happy to help you with all IQOS related questions. Contact IQOS Support by phone 020 - 25 10 10 (Monday-Friday from 08.00-19.00 and Saturday-Sunday from 10.00-18.00). You can also send an email to, start a chat conversation on our website or ask for help at the closest IQOS store.
    The ban on characteristic flavours, such as menthol, results from the EU Tobacco Products Directive from 2014, which became applicable in the EU Member States on 20 May, 2016. For menthol cigarettes, the ban took effect on May 20, 2020.
    The ban on menthol cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco applied as of May 20, 2020.
    Yes, cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco without characteristic flavors are not covered by the ban and you can still buy other tobacco and nicotine products with menthol or other characteristic flavors. Menthol will stay in heatsticks used with IQOS.
    The menthol ban applies to all EU member states. Other countries outside the EU are not covered by the menthol ban but may prohibit menthol cigarettes through national legislation.
    Yes, all menthol cigarettes purchased before the menthol ban can be legally smoked after the ban goes into effect. But you will no longer be able to buy new menthol cigarettes in stores throughout the EU region.
    The main intention of the menthol ban is to make cigarettes less appealing to smokers - especially young people.